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International Affairs Budget Hits Home

Written by Michael Tucker on Monday, 01 July 2013. Posted in Social Mobile Buzz and more

Social Mobile Buzz Represents Tucson Businesses in Washington DC

Tucson, AZ (85701) This week I had the opportunity to attend the US Global Leadership Conference. The purpose of this conference was to bring over 400 business leader, NGO's and veterans together to discuss the use of diplomacy and economic power when dealing with international players instead of military might if it can be avoided. 

2D Barcode Mania: Notable Examples of QR Code Uses

Written by Joanna Jaramillo on Saturday, 15 December 2012. Posted in Mobile

2D Barcode Mania: Notable Examples of QR Code Uses

Quick Response (QR) codes were initially used to track vehicles during manufacturing processes. Within the last couple of years they have taken on a new role in the world of social mobile marketing.  Although QR codes have been around for almost a decade, it wasn’t until the introduction of the smartphone that the utility of QR codes in the marketing domain was uncovered.